Kruza Maxi Track Light: A Revolution in Professional Lighting Unveiled by Fenos

Fenos presents Kruza Maxi, a cutting-edge track light that will revolutionize retail, museum, and art display lighting. A discerning jury recognized Kruza Maxi as a game-changer in the business who personifies sustainability and innovation.

This light fixture has an easy-to-use app that allows for exact object-based light spectrum customization in accordance with certain design goals. Kruza Maxi is at the forefront of lighting technology thanks to the combination of a six-channel bespoke LED module and sophisticated color mixing optics that guarantee uniform intensity and outstanding color blending.

The distinctive feature of Kruza Maxi is its scene analysis capability, which optimizes the spectrum according to the color of objects and generates prepared sceneries. With this ‘Photoshop in the world of lighting’ tool, you may customize and improve the visuals in a variety of scenarios like never before.

Beyond its technological capabilities, Kruza Maxi provides customers with unparalleled freedom by providing both manual and wireless controls. Fenos’s dedication to sustainability is seen in its environmentally sensitive design, which minimizes energy usage and material waste.

The jury’s ovation for Kruza Maxi is a testament to its creative thinking, environmental awareness, and revolutionary influence on professional lighting. With Kruza Maxi, Fenos continues to be a leader in the industry, steering it toward a more visually appealing and sustainable future.


Kaveh Ahmadian, at the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) conference

Fenos’s CEO, Kaveh Ahmadian, gave a paper presentation in June 2023 at the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) conference in Berlin. One of the most prominent conferences in the industry is held by the internationally recognized lighting designers who are members of the IALD, an esteemed worldwide association.

The Kruza luminaire’s introduction and the fundamental idea behind Fenos’s new line of products, known as “Object Oriented Lighting,” were the main topics of discussion throughout the conference. A specialized lighting fixture or apparatus that produces and distributes light is referred to as a “luminaire”.

You can visit the IALD website [here] for additional information about the Berlin event.

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Fenos Showcases Cutting-Edge Lighting at Future Lighting Exhibition 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Fenos will be participating in the highly anticipated Future Lighting exhibition scheduled for November 2023. As a leading provider of lighting solutions, Fenos is excited to present its latest and most innovative luminaires at this event.

We cordially invite all our esteemed customers and partners to join us at booth PT1, where we will be showcasing our new range of luminaires, including the cutting-edge Zhiwer and Crouza models. It’s a great opportunity to experience firsthand the advancements and versatility of our lighting products.

For more details and to stay updated, please visit the official exhibition website. We look forward to illuminating the future with you!