Mozaffarian Jewelry

Project Data

Location:Modern Elahiyeh

Architect:Ehsan Mohajer

Execution Year: 2017

Project Details

To light the jewelry stores, two important parameters should be taken to consideration, the first is to choose the right light color according to jewelry color (gold, silver,...) and the second is to choose the right light source. Respectively, the warm light (3000 Kelvin) for gold jewelry and the cold light (4000 or 5500 Kelvin) for silver jewelry is used. And the light source should be chosen not to attract the customers’ attention but to put the effect of light on jewelry.
In this project, regarding the use of the store, the goal has been to properly illuminate the jewelry with the appropriate light color and select the Darklight lamp.
Nian Lights were a good choice for this space due to their Darklight character and zero glare. Depending on the arrangement of the jewelry, the light colors of 3000 K and 4000 K were selected.
Due to the distance of the light source from the surface of the lamp in Nian, the light source is not visible, and this makes the ceiling of the space look simpler, and also at first glance, does not attract attention to space, on the contrary, draws the customers’ attention to the store goods.