Reisser/KFK Showroom

Project Data

Location:Germany Frankfurt

Architect:ohlf schoch arkitekten

Execution Year:

Project Details

The key luminaires used in this project were Zhiwer, Merbo Maxi, and Riesen.

The Zhiwer Luminaire was chosen for its very low glare, making it an ideal choice for this project. It was positioned next to a special structure that was specifically designed for this project, and its movability allowed for flexibility in lighting placement. The combination of warm and cold light, as well as spot and medium radiation angles, chosen by the consultant, created a special atmosphere in the space.

The Merbo Maxi Luminaire was selected for its variety of lenses, offering different lighting options in different areas. For example, an oval lens was used to enhance the lighting in the showers, providing a specific lighting effect.

The Riesen Luminaire, with its wide beam angle (Extreme Wide), helped to achieve the minimum required distance between the luminaires in the middle spaces. It also provided a good uniform light distribution with the least number of luminaires.

Overall, the combination of these luminaires, along with their specific features and characteristics, contributed to the successful lighting design of this project.

Products Used